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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP): The Natural Filler

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Laser & Light Treatments

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A woman asks concerning treatment for her acne marks, especially if platelet-rich plasma (PRP) shots or PRP with a Dermapen (micro needling) is ideal for her trouble.

New York Oculofacial plastic specialist Dr. Amiya Prasad, a supporter of PRP for medical wound healing, a part of hair loss treatment, and for skin high quality improvement, demonstrates in this video how he would make use of a PRP combination to treat acne scars:

0:57 – Various usages of PRP in Dr. Prasad’s method
1:20 – Why PRP is not advertised despite the medical studies that prove its efficacy
2:48 – Cause of acne scars
3:10 – Laser treatment for acne marks – why Dr. Prasad likes the PRP alternative
3:41 – How Dr. Prasad identifies acne scarring
4:10 – Dr. Prasad’s acne mark treatment through subcision, PRP, and also hyaluronic acid fillers
4:36 – Why mini needling (Dermapen) is not the very best therapy for much deeper sources of acne, and also when micro needling is appropriate for skin rejuvenation
5:23 – Why acne mark treatment is not a solitary procedure, yet a method

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