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EXFOLIATING DEEP CLEAN – Helps remove excess melanin and monotony from the skin surface area, eliminating keratin as well as dust from the pores.CONVERGENCE -Contains a

selection of removes to effecitvely consolidate larges pores, help to soften the skin and avoid dull re-generation. WHITENING-Unique water whitening element to improve skin brighteness, to ensure that the information of flexible and also delicate, no longer embarrassment.BRIGHTENING-Underarms moist, fix dull, brighten skin tone, adjustment melanin deposition on knees as well as elbow joints, Improve the dullness of the triangle.SKIN CARE -Lightening as well as also skin tone. Hydrating, lighten, tighten up as well as tender your skin, dilute melanin as well as get rid of strange smell.

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