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The cream-shine contains goat’s milk and an active probiotic, provides the skin with the necessary nutrition and moisturizing, smooths wrinkles, stimulates the cells for intensive renewal, prevents aging of the skin.

Proteins of goat’s milk, enriched with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, rejuvenate, moisturize and soften the skin, making it tender and silky. The active probiotic, obtained from lactobacilli, improves the resistance of the skin barrier, restores and preserves the natural balance of the microflora of the skin, increases its immunity.

TONISKIN® stimulates collagen synthesis, smooths wrinkles and smooths complexion. Gives “tired” skin freshness and natural radiance

The complex of vitamins A, C, E, F possesses high antioxidant activity, improves cellular regeneration, due to this the skin is renewed more quickly and looks younger. Extracts of ginger and green tea moisturize and tone the skin. Coconut oil nourishes the skin, gives it firmness and elasticity.

Appointment: Toning, Moisturizing, Nutrition, All Skin Types, Dry and Sensitive Skin, Normal Skin, Combined Skin, Oily Skin, Anti-Aging Care Line: Milk Line / Proteins of youth

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