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The cream is based on Poly-Helixan PF (Spain) – cosmetic filtrate snail slime, containing more than 99% active protein – mucin. The cream slows down the process of aging of the skin, provides the skin with valuable components to active metabolic processes occurring in the daytime.

Active ingredients: Poly-Helixan PF hyaluronic acid white tea extract oil complex

Active action Has a restorative effect Gives the skin radiance and freshness Improves the condition of problematic skin Moisturizes and nourishes The fragrance of the cream does not contain allergens!

Method of application: apply the cream on cleansed skin, evenly distributing it along the massage lines to full vpityvanija. It is recommended to use in combination with night cream with snail mucus. The cream is suitable as a base under makeup for all skin types.


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