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100 gr Shea Butter.
4 tbsp Coconut oil.
3 tablespoon sweet almond oil.
1 tsp sea buckthorn oil.

Shea Butter ♡.
– The Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, that was magnificently attractive, was said to owe her legendary beauty to making use of Shea butter.
– includes unsaturated fats.
– antioxidant.
– assists with wrinckles.
– Anti-inflammatory.
– Deeply moisturizing.
– UV protecting.
– Produces Collagen.

Coconut Oil ♡.
– excellent for several skin problems such as eczema, acne, as well as psoriasis.

Sea buckthorn oil ♡.
– it advertises skin skin, elasticity, as well as hydration regeneration, and also even assists deal with and protect against acne.
– advantageous for rosacea.

Sweet Almond Oil ♡.
– was utilized by Cleopatra for her facial treatmeants (looks like all those Egyptians queens understood how to care for their skin).
– antioxidant abundant, high in vitamin E, fat and protein web content.
– makes your skin healthier: keeps as well as improves the skin tone glow, alleviate completely dry and inflamed skin.
– excellent for dark circles.
– excellent for Psoriasis as well as Eczema.

Beeswax ♡.
– provides a protection versus irritants while still permitting the skin to take a breath.
– offers anti-inflamatory, antiviral and also anti-bacterial advantages.
– very effective in acne- treatments.


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