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MAN UP: This anti-aging cream for men is specifically formulated to penetrate and perfect “thicker,” tougher skin, yet provides gentle, soothing, skin-safe ingredients, such as comfrey root, for those guys in touch with their more “sensitive” side.

FACE IT, FELLAS: An oat-based, lactic acid-infused men’s face cream that effectively, yet gently, buffs away superficial surface cells for a ladies-approved, kissably-soft, sexy finish.

DOUBLE DUTY: This formulated-for-fellas cream can be used as an excellent facial moisturizer and/or after-shave to lubricate, treat, and protect just-shaved skin.

DAMAGE CONTROL FOR STRONG, SEXY SKIN: Imbued with you’re a daily defense of free-radical fighting and antioxidant-enriched vitamins E and B5, plus anti-aging, line-smoothing vitamin A, this easy-to-use, no-residue anti-wrinkle cream for men glides on effortlessly and absorbs instantly.

JUST FOR HIM: A routine-simplifying, fuss-free men’s skincare essential that leaves his complexion clean, clear, and un-complicated.

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