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Banda/Band: FACE CREAM
Cancion/Song: EVERGREEN
Duracion/Length: 5′ 10″.
Año de Produccion/Year: Agosto de 2012.
Realización/ Edited by: PENTAFILMS.
Direccion/Directed by: SEBASTIAN DIAZ.
Fotografia y Cámara/ Camera and also Photography: Manuel Muschong.
Productor/Produced by: Ekin Producciones.


Driving quick as if I were on your time,.
When you’re looking around, no one seems to be so wonderful.
as well as I wan na be in the night if you’re sleeping by my side writing down words.
that will disappear with me.
Facing down with beasts in my head, they do not need to speak with you I do not believe it’s gon na transform anything that takes place when I fantasize ’bout Mr. Black,.
I don’t really comprehend this selfportrait just provide me.
something to damage the guard, to manage me, to break the knees and also this time I do not wish to sleep while I’m lying by the sea; I’m afraid to inform you I don’t know where I ought to sit as well as I wan na remain in the moment where I do not require to feel this warm water inside, I’m asking yourself if you could offer me something.