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&#9989Daily, Moisturizer for Younger-looking Skin Made in South Korea, 100ml/3.38 fl.oz.

&#9989Mainly Contains Natural Ingredients and Organic Extracts, Natural Raw Materials which will Enhance and Add Value to this Skin Care Product and Produce Specific Effects such as: Moisturising, Soothing, Antioxidant, Anti-wrinkle, Effective Skin Rejuvenation, Peeling and Sebum Balancing etc.

&#9989Korean Technologies Improve your Natural Beauty and Repair Damaged Cells, Stimulates New Cell Growth and Restores your Skin’s Natural PH Balance, Visible Results Start Day 1

&#9989Natural Face Cream helps you to have Fresh and Glowing Skin and keeps Skin Healthy & Hydrated

&#9989Calms the skin and helps Relieving Dry Skin Stress and PH Balance, Vitamins help Protect Skin from Natural and Environmentally Triggered Oxidants

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