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Reduce Appearance of Dark-spot Blemish and while Moisturizing the skin as well as lightening up: Contains Tea Tree Oil, 2% Salicylic Acid, 20% Vitamin C 20%, 2.5% Encapsulated Retinol Molecules,3.5% Vitamin B3 5%, Hyaluronic, Glutathione, MSM.Most Skin will feel Softer and also look Brighter within 7 days and Darkspot Reduction with 14-28 days

Glutathione is the body’s most effective antioxidant, unidentified by a lot of. It is preferred when made use of as a way to assist whiten skin though. Glutathione skin lightening is expanding in popularity, helping people attain the skin coloring they desire without any dangerous side impacts, Tea tree oil is a superb therapy for acne. One research located tea tree oil to be simply as effective as benzoyl peroxide, yet without the adverse side results like soreness as well as peeling.Vitamin B3 is an amazing multi tasker as well as has a lot of benefits for your skin. Reintol Benefit It helps in reducing creases pores, reduce uneven complexion, aid heal acne and also minimize hyperpigmentation. Vitamin B3 additionally reduces topical inflammation can aid with sun damage.unclog pores, improve collagen to reduce fine lines, as well as speed cell turnover to also out staining and also smooth the skin. Finest Results when combined with Divine Goddess Geisha San Soap with Kojic Acid, Tea Tree, Glutathione, Lavender Salicylic acid is additionally made use of in numerous acne and imperfection therapies as a combination treatment at reduced concentrations. MSM(Methylsulfonylmethane )It improves healthy and balanced collagen as well as keratin manufacturing, minimizes the signs of early aging and maintains a healthy, younger skin. MSM has powerful purifying as well as anti-inflammatory benefits, enhances the skin’s support matrix and assists combat the signs and symptoms of problems such as eczema, acne as well as psoriasis.Combine with Any of our soaps.Vitamin C When used topically on the skin in the form of a lotion or in a vitamin C lotion, the vitamin has been revealed to aid to do an array of terrific points for

skin. It can work to promote the production of collagen, protect skin from dangerous rays of the sun as well as decrease the look of sun damages, Brighten and Lighten skin and also reduce the appearance of Darkspots, Blemish and Hyper Pigmentation.

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