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Minimize inflammation of acne by appropriately using benzoyl peroxide (BP) cream.

Benzoyl Peroxide is both an anti-bacterial and exfoliant that works by loosening up dead skin cells that are stuck within the roots. It also launches oxygen within the follicle to eliminate microorganisms, decreasing swelling. It’s unusual that acne removes up without Benzoyl Peroxide because it increases as an exfoliant and also powerful anti-bacterial.

BP can be found in toughness of 2.5% -10%, depending upon the intensity of acne being treated as well as skin level of sensitivity, and also can be a lotion, cleanser, place, or gel therapy. BP is among the few acne active ingredients that works quickly, so you really obtain a take advantage of it when it’s in cleanser type. BP is active for up to 4 hours after applied to the skin, so leaving it on over night in a cream or gel type is the best means to obtain its full advantage.

It’s important to note that oil-based moisturizers quit the activity of BP, so it can only be made use of with water based hydrators like our Hydra Gel, Hyaluronic Serum, or Vitamin C Serum.