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Many of you could know that I am a strong follower of “you are exactly what you consume.”

I also think “you are just what you put on your skin.” Did you know that our skin absorbs nearly as high as 60% of whatever we placed on it?

When I was more youthful, I DID appreciate what I consumed. I consumed pretty healthy. Nonetheless, I did not care what I put on my skin due to the fact that I had not been knowledgeable about the result that poor ingredients can have.

When my little girl Nina was birthed, I started making lip balms making use of beeswax. She liked to use my store purchased “pricey” “all all-natural” “natural” lip balms and also she also liked to lose them which indicated my natural lip balm ended up being a costly routine.

To make a long tale short, I began making lip balm as well as loved my very own creations. My enthusiasm as well as love for the do it yourself (DIY) lip balm lead me to a beeswax cream making project!

After much experimentation, I am lastly pleased with the item as well as prepared to share the recipe with you.

Come and also have a look and also make your very own lotion. I bet you will certainly fall for it like I did!

Homemade Face Cream

Residence Made Face Cream

House Cream Beeswax

All-natural Homemade Cream

Easy Home Made Face Cream

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