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Today’s aid with skin treatment sector is thanks to the Acne Service ( as well as Bay Harbour Medication Spa ( We’ve possibly obtained questions about benzoyl peroxide usage as well as inflammations connected with this chemical, hundreds of times!

Specifically, we obtained a question from Rachel, who asked the following concern: I am a 22 years old lady, I never ever before had any type of problem with acne and also I had a reasonable clear skin for as lengthy as I can remember, I do have oily skin, however because a year earlier, my face began having pimples below and also there, they aren’t many but when I obtain a pimple it simply remain for life, I need like 5 months to totally get rid of the red circle. I started utilizing makeup as well as structure in that year so I presume that’s the reason however I have stopped using structures as well as I just apply a Benzoyl Peroxide lotion for oily skin. We hope this video vlog aids Rachel, and the remainder of you with a comparable question.