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✔️ DEEP MOISTURIZING NIGHT CREAM – Treat your skin before you go to sleep with our Collagen Nutrition Cream. This hydro boost face cream will replenish your skin with full hydration to increase skin moisture and firmness level. Featuring the exclusive 9800mg of marine collagen extract, bearberry leaf, Saussurea, and Hordeum vulgare, our face cream would bring supple, plumpy glow on your face in the morning!

✔️ DAILY ANTI-AGING TREATMENT – This intensive facial cream reduces the appearance of visible wrinkles and deep lines on your face and neck. Try our smooth face cream and see changes of your skin turn into young, vibrant appearance look! This unique formula showed significant improvement in skin firmness! Four weeks of experiments result in 8.3% the increase in skin resilience. Highly recommended face cream for women between the ages of 35 to 75 experiencing signs of aging!

✔️ COLLAGEN ENRICHED TEXTURE – You will notice a thick, dense texture of our face cream! It is highly enriched nutrition from nature. Its soothing property gives sensitive and irritated skin area to regenerate. If your skin cause irritation, breakouts, and itching issue, use our collagen contained facial cream to repair your skin immediately. It is suitable for all skin type and all age!

✔️ POWERFUL MARINE COLLAGEN EXTRACT – Marine Collagen extracted from clean water fish profoundly penetrates your skin to increase elasticity and form a protective barrier on the surface. Also, as a natural humectant, set of our collagen-contained line effectively build the resilient skin and balances uneven tone. You will feel an immediate lifting effect and an intensive regeneration on your face as you keep using them.

✔️ 5 ESSENTIAL SKINCARE ROUTINE – We suggest you follow our proprietary 5 step skin care routine called ‘Collagen Nutrition Line.’ It consists of toner, serum, moisturizer, cream, and best selling eye cream! This product line has been formulated to be used with one another to give the optimal result. The key ingredient of this line would be ‘Marine Collagen,’ and it treats your fragile, fatigue and dull skin with a surge of bioactive compounds.

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