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ANTIOXIDANT: Kanai Avocado Oil Moisturizer Contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant, which aids in hydrating and moisturizing the Skin.

DEEP TISSUE MOISTURIZER: Avocado Oil Is Known for its Ability To Deeply Penetrate within the Outer Layer Of The Skin. This allows it to Deliver Moisture Deep Into The Dermis Without Leaving A Heavy Oil Residue.

INBUILT NATURAL SPF: Avocado Oil is known to have a natural sunblock of SPF 15.

PROTECTIVE & RESTORATIVE: Shield your Skin from Harsh Weather and Replenish it with every application. Avocado Oil Moisturizer can effectively protect your skin from damaging UV Rays and excessive sun exposure.

ANTI – AGING: Delay the signs of aging from head to toe! Our nourishing all-in-one Avocado Oil Moisturizer is packed with collagen boosting properties that have been known to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

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