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THE FINEST FUEL FOR YOUR FACE… Our Luxury Facial Moisturizer for Men is your first step of resistance against the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, sun & environmental damage, dull & uneven skin tone and irritation caused by shaving. It is the long term investment for your skin. The earlier you start using our Luxury Facial Moisturizer as part of your daily grooming routine, the better the results will be.

SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES… This refreshing lightweight face cream is vital for every man’s bathroom, wash or travel bag. It is suitable for all ages and skin types including: normal, sensitive, oily, rough & dry, combination, and acne prone complexions. It absorbs quickly and completely for a smooth matte appearance and won’t leave your face looking greasy and shiny.

ALL IN 1… MENS MOISTURIZER saves you TIME, MONEY & SPACE. And most importantly your skin from all the challenges you face on a daily basis. We created a special formula which can be used effectively as a Post Shave Balm and for skin care. This formula contains SPF, UVA/UVB sun protection ingredients to protect the skin from destructive UV damage.

SKIN FUEL FOR MEN… This great formula contains natural plant based ingredients such as: Aloe Vera & Argan Oil. Thanks to the special formula, this product also has the advantage of working as a sun block, giving you that extra protection from the sun which is a major factor in defending your skin against drying and aging. Overall you can feel comfortable knowing our unique combination of proven formulas and protective ingredients will leave your skin refreshed, rejuvenated and visibly renewed.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU… Cool Question takes pride in offering no-nonsense, natural, luxury lifestyle products that take care of and replenish your skin. We offer a No Risk 100% Satisfaction + Effectiveness Guarantee. If for any reason one of our products is not right for you, we will refund your money hassle free.

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