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Helps recover dark skin promptly. Minimize melanin pigmentation. Vitamin C assists to stimulate the production of collagen under the skin. The skin is healthy and balanced, white as well as all-natural. No hazardous substances 100%

The skin is intense white, uniform and also smooth. Excellent white Reduce plain skin shade. Focused vitamin C B Good white Reduce dull skin color. Focused vitamin C B

MIMI WHITE AHA 30ml. The very best concentrated lightening, the most concentrated, no mercury, only make use of a few decreases of lotion, do not totally see the effect of 100% where it is white, black neck, knee, groin, buttocks, black, black, karmic. Skin is plain, uneven skin is not brilliant AHA

Just how to use: Apply Night Mix the cream, apply 2-3 drops of the evening, almost anything that truly operates in 3-7 days. White repeated true.Concentrated formula increases White AHA!! Mix the lotion just 2-3 drops just !! Do not apply kosher!! White reiterated!! true!!! 100%The white where it really operates in day 3 black neck, knees, groin, buttocks, arms, legs removed black striped black sunlight hereditary skin boring, irregular skin dull assistance millions %. Pure White stated the truth that 100%white paint where it really operates in day 3 black neck, knees, groin, butts, arms, legs removed black candy striped black sun hereditary ski

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