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Have a good time discovering exactly how to make a Miniature Face Cream ~ Body Cream DIY that actually functions! … ^_^ ♡ ♡ You can truly use it on your skin!! ♡ ♡ (Learn how you can make the hydrating cream with only ecologic organic raw active ingredients, they are better for you, your skin and also the world!:-D ♡ ♡ ♡ (I enjoy following this pointer: “If you ca n`t consume it, then do n`t placed it on your skin&#8221😉 (And Learn just how to make various other small Makeup, Beaty as well as Jewelry here: )

( Please, ask an adult for assistance as well as supervision when making it!).

Learn how you can make the Miniatures at the end of this video:.

– Miniature Blush & Brush DIY:

– Miniature Lash Mascara DIY:

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– You can color the box as you favor, as well as make use of larger or smaller containers.
– Remember the internal part has to be a lot smaller, so it could close.
– Use various other all-natural, ecologic & natural oils rather, if you prefer.
– And of course … respect yourself, your skin & the world!:-D ♡.

Download the printable of this vídeo below:.

Hope you like and appreciate it!!! ^_^ ♡.