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DON’T YOU WANT THE PERFECTLY BLENDED DAY CREAM? After over a year of creating, testing and blending formulas in the lab we have created the perfect day cream that will hydrate, protect and reverse the aging process with natural active ingredients such as rose hip, aloe and grape seed oil.

ARE YOU CONCERNED ABOUT PREMATURE AGING? – In French PHYTE means protect while MANTEAU means coat, as our unique blend of ingredients helps give your face a protective barrier against the sun’s harmful rays even without the addition of SPF.

CAN YOUR SKIN USE EXTRA NOURISHMENT? – Repairs and rejuvenates beneath the surface, building your skin’s natural barrier and promoting the production of new skin cells. Guards your skin from environmental damage to let your natural beauty shine through!

WOULD YOU LIKE TO EXPERIENCE OUR DROP OF LOVE – Biochemist Dr. Sivak, a world-renowned expert in skincare with her team delivers a precise formulation with the perfected blend of finest ingredients to maximize anti-aging results for your skin so your radiance shines from the inside out.

DON’T WORRY! WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED! – You deserve the best. Try COUI Skincare Ocean Facial Toner and see the results for yourself. All COUI Skincare products are backed by our 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we will give either replace or refund your purchase.

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