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YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED DIRECTLY BY THE EXPERIENCED BRAND OWNERS; As the owners of the TakeCare&TLC brand with established professional scientific experience (Life science, Pharmacist & Cosmetologist), our philosophy is to add value to our customers. We believe in direct ongoing engagement with our customers and commit to address your questions & comments through Amazon’s Product Page within 24 hours.

YOU ARE USING ETHICAL AND ENVIROMENT- FRIENDLY PRODUCTS; Our products are made in the USA and have not been tested on animals, cruelty free. We only use premium natural non-GMO organic ingredients free of pesticides, heavy metals, mold or bacteria.

YOUR COMPLETE FACIAL MOISTURIZER WITH CLINICALY PROVEN ANTI-AGING INGREDIENTS FOR HEALTHY, RADIANT LOOKING SKIN; Our natural organic cream offers a unique blend of herbal oils, powerful antioxidants and one of nature’s wonders HEMP SEED OIL. Paring science with nature to protect your skin from the harsh effects of sun rays, pollution, toxins and air condition and providing your skin with anti-aging defense & support to correct years of free radical damage and slow down the natural aging process.

USE PROVEN TOP QUALITY NATURAL ORGANIC HERBAL SKIN CARE; All our products are produced in a certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility to ensure high quality and consistency and are tested by a professional third-party lab.

FACIAL MOISTURIZER CREAM TAILORED TO YOUR OWN SKIN TYPE; Hemp Seed Oil offers amazing benefits for your skin – FOR DRY SKIN: The vitamins, minerals & proteins help to retain long term moisture. The natural Omega 3 & Omega 6 help create a protective barrier over the skin which prevents moisture loss. FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Calming and soothing effect while providing just the right amount of moisture to prevent discomfort. FOR OILY SKIN: Helping by hydrating & regulating the skin’s oil production.

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