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A person just recently obtained PRP treatment for acne scars and also they want to understand if PRP renovations resemble thread lifts.

New York oculoplastic and rebuilding surgeon Amiya Prasad, M.D. assesses their concerns in this video, and also explains exactly how PRP can be reliable for acne scars long-term, but therapy of acne marks normally requires a combination of different modalities:

0:58– Dr. Prasad information his history training in cosmetic surgery, as well as his 20 years of experience in treating acne marks utilizing different techniques in his practice

1:35– The 3 kinds of acne marks and also the significance of correctly identifying each prior to treatment

2:40– Dr. Prasad discusses that platelet-rich plasma does have lasting benefit as part of a therapy plan for acne

3:17– The importance of understanding that there is no single therapy for acne marks, as well as that perfectly remarkable skin can not be attained because of the resulting tissue loss

4:55– How non-surgical skin suspending methods such as string lifts have no valuable duty when dealing with acne marks

5:25– Dr. Prasad talks about just how the mix of platelet-rich plasma and also hyaluronic acid functions well in the therapy of moving as well as atrophic acne marks

6:08– Dr. Prasad’s recommendation

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