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ANTI-AGING AND REJUVENATING – Our organic plant extracts and oils support the natural metabolism of your skin, which is backed up by scientific studies. Your skin will shine more radiant, look fresher and feel more vital.

MOISTURIZE AND NOURISH – Full of cold pressed plant oils, CO2 extracted essential oils and food grade, certified organic ingredients, this face cream will moisturize and hydrate your skin deeply. Top quality ingredients naturally nourish by replenishing the skin’s own repertoire of proteins, lipids, enzymes and vitamins.

HIGH TECH NATURAL COSMETICS – We combine science, advanced technology and organic plant ingredients to create this complex cream formula. Our cream exceeds the feel and effects of high-end pharmaceutical products, and it comes without harmful chemicals. We trust in the power of nature.

PROTECTIVE AND REPAIRING – We source ingredients with stunning skin repair, anti-inflammatory and cell-regenerating properties. A smart combination of oils and extracts support optimal health of your skin, balance out UV caused damages and protect from pollution.

MADE IN AUSTRIAN ALPS WITH BEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS – Our ingredients are mostly certified organic and as locally sourced as possible. Austria is a country with one of the highest standards in organic production. We only put the best of the best into our creams. Your skin will feel it.

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