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HYDRATING FACE MOISTURIZER: This mild face lotion calms, keys and deeply nurtures facial skin. For finest results, add the moisturizing face cream to your everyday skin treatment programs prior to applying cosmetics and eye cream to stop any crease. It is excellent for both nighttime or daytime use.ANTI-AGING CREAM: Containing Vitamin E, the non colored moisturizer aids avoid early aging and also penalty lines making it an all-natural anti-wrinkle cream.MOISTURIZER FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: This is a perfect cream for dry skin or typical skin, and also is likewise ideal for those with delicate facial skin or rosacea. Use this important creme under makeup or alone for younger looking skin.NATURAL, VEGAN and also CRUELTY-FREE: The all-natural hypoallergenic face moisturizer includes Blue Lotus Seeds, White Tea, Vitamin E as well as French Marine Plants and is made without parabens or sulfates.PURLISSE SKINCARE: purlisse all-natural skin treatment products are a mix of Asian knowledge and also contemporary philosophy, re-inventing

classic insight in high performing appeal products.

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