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CLINICALLY PROVEN – SuperWhite contains active ingredients that have been proven to help lighten, brighten, and whiten skin. The product is also a moisturizer that hydrates your skin. It works by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, an enzyme that converts the protein tyrosine into melanin. A recent clinical trial resulted in a significant reduction in melanin production and hyperpigmentation within 1-2 months. SuperWhite can be used by men and women and is safe to use anywhere on the body.

WE GUARANTEE IT – If it does not work for you, contact us any time for a full refund. There are many skin lightener, brightener, and whitener products out there, including soap, creams, lotions, oils, serums, and masks. However, many treatments are ineffective or can have strong side effects, like acne, dryness, itchiness, skin damage, etc. Safe and effective, SuperWhite will not irritate most skin and can be used for all skin types. Before use, perform a spot test to test for sensitivity.

EFFECTIVE – Want to lighten your skin? Do you have melasma, hyperpigmentation, hiding a scar, age marks, discolored areas, uneven complexion, discoloration from a blemish, or circles under your eyes? SuperWhite lotion can help you achieve your goal of beautiful, smooth, spot free skin with a healthy glow. WHY NO KOJIC ACIDS? Often people are sensitive to it. We have used natural ingredients that don’t cause redness. Made in Australia, not Korea. More natural than Meladerm, Koji, Kojie San.

SAFE AND EASY TO USE – Unlike that pesky night hydrating mask or messy wrinkle remover gel, SuperWhite is super simple to apply. Gently rub it into the problem area twice a day, morning and night. (Don’t use too much, and don’t apply it directly to your eyes.) SuperWhite can be used safely before other facial or body creams and makeup, but make sure it has fully absorbed before applying these products. If you have sensitive skin, start by applying once a day to give your skin time to adjust.

NEW ADVANCED FORMULA – Developed by Matt Miller, a chemistry Ph.D. with a passion for creating cutting-edge beauty and skincare products that are natural, safe, and ultra effective. SuperWhite uses a new proprietary formula that helps fade, reduce, and remove scars, dark spots, and sun spots on the skin, which results in a smoother, more even tone and appearance. It doesn’t contain hydroquinone, a chemical that can have strong side effects, like burning, stinging, or irritation.

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