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SCIENTIFIC SKINCARE ENGINEERED FOR MEN: Get in on the action with Thumos high-quality skincare for men. Use a moisturizer that smart guys trust. Thumos has years of expert research in male skin. Our powerful, anti-wrinkle moisturizer is made with super-potent ingredients for a man-specific formula that will knock the age right out of your skin.

PACKED WITH MOISTURE RESTORING AGENTS: Male skin looks old when it naturally stops producing the same amount of moisture it did in its twenties. Age spots, sagging cheeks, crows-feet eyes dullness start dominating your once youthful skin. Save it! Prevent leathery skin now by using moisture-rich Thumos every day. The nutritive powers of key ingredient hyaluronic acid will drench your skin with moisture and restore its youth.

FIRMS AND SOFTENS SKIN’S TEXTURE FOR A WICKEDLY SOFT FEEL: Formulated with fast-acting, paraben-free ingredients, this power face cream immediately and naturally restores moisture and seals in hydration. Get your skin back to healthier, better looking, and feeling amazing with Thumos Men’s Retinol Moisturizer for men. Touchable, seeable difference in just a few days.

DESTROYS CREASES, LINES, AND AGE SPOTS: Enjoy the benefits of a generous dose of premium-grade, stabilized retinol. Retinol, or Vitamin A, eradicates signs of ageing by boosting your skin’s natural moisture. This master ingredient is part of our supercharged moisturizing formula that maintains even tone, and firm, supple, touchable skin.

FAST-ABSORBING FORMULA THAT KICKSTARTS YOUR SKIN’S MOISTURE MAKERS: Retinol and hyaluronic acid aren’t the only skin savers in this moisturizer. Male skin needs an extreme, potent formula to prevent premature ageing and moisture loss due to environmental exposure. Featuring natural jojoba oil, safflower oil, and aloe vera extract, Thumos moisturizer rapidly absorbs into the skin with a light, non-oily finish.

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