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LIGHT FORMULA: Not a heavy sunscreen, rather a light, easy to apply moisturizer formulation that gives you the full UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum protection that you need with a sheer finish.

NATURAL & ORGANIC ETHICAL INGREDIENTS: With an active ingredient of only zinc oxide, sitting in a base of organic aloe vera, organic oils and extracts for additional skin hydration and anti-aging. Manufactured in the USA with vegan ingredients, gluten free and absolutely no animal testing.

DAILY WEAR: Out with the old chemical filled sun cream or spray and in with the new light sheer protective formulation that can even be used on teens and children. No toxic ingredients, just the good stuff. Oh, and its water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

BEST FOR WHOLE FAMILY: The entire family can get in on this suntan lotion. Whether going to the beach, doing sports, or just daily protection, this will work for you.

HYDRATING & MOISTURIZING: Not a self tanner but rather a shield from the sun, you get a full dose of cream to moisturize your skin. Non-greasy and wont leave your face an oily mess.

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