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INNOVATIVE: Our advanced peptide cream is based on 21st century science and the result is one of the most potent peptide moisturizers on the market. Our peptide cream has been tested and proven over several years with remarkable results. We began by adding 2 powerful collagen boosting peptides, Nutripeptides® and Silk Amino Acids so that fine lines and wrinkles begin to diminish and skin elasticity tones and firms.

UNIQUE COMBINATION: Then we added hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture, Vitamin C, Retinol and Vitamin E for a powerful delivery system that infuses and restores skin while diminishing signs of aging. The result is silky smooth, firm, radiant skin! Aria Anti-Aging Peptide Cream is packaged in an aluminum bottle with an airless pump to ensure protection from sunlight so that the cream is protected from oxidization.

NON-COMEDOGENIC PARABEN FREE: A small pearl size drop applied twice daily will help diminish fine lines, wrinkles and age-spots. Aria Peptide Cream is non-comedogenic which means it does not clog pores; it is good for all skin types including sensitive, oily or dry and it is non-greasy. A pearl size drop is all you need twice daily. For best results, apply to face, around eyes and neck. Makeup glides over our cream beautifully!

ADVANCED SKINCARE: We’ve designed Aria’s’ 2 step Anti- Aging Peptide Skincare to give you the maximum results possible. Serums and creams do very different things and at Visio Elan we know the results of using both are superb. To maximize your results, add Aria Peptide Serum for firming, toning and Aria Peptide Cream for hydration. Both products contain wrinkle and age spot reduction properties but together they contain 5 peptides for unparalleled radiance.

GUARANTEED TO HAVE SMOOTHER, SILKY SKIN: You’ll have firmer, more evenly toned and radiant skin with visible signs of aging diminished or your MONEY BACK! Rest assured you can trust all our products which are made in our US FDA c-GMP certified lab.

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