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New York oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon Amiya Prasad, M.D. reviews how eye bags are best dealt with, depending upon their seriousness, and also why eye creams are not an effective treatment for under eye bags:

0:20– Introduction to eye bags.

0:53– Dr. Prasad information his background training in aesthetic oculofacial plastic as well as cosmetic surgery, along with his experience as an eye restoration professional

1:28– How eye bags can take place in any person, no matter of age

1:49– How eye bags are brought on by lower eyelid fat prolapse

2:14– The reasons for momentary eye bags

2:40– Why eye lotions do not work with eye bags

3:00– How eye lotions can boost the quality, texture, and tone of skin around eyes

3:14– How light under eye bags can be attended to with fillers

3:55– How much more severe under eye bags are best addressed operatively

4:05– The difference in between the transconjunctival as well as transcutaneous approaches of lower eyelid surgical treatment

4:18– The disadvantages of the transcutaneous approach

4:49– The benefits of the transconjunctival method

5:40– How eye treatments are executed in Dr. Prasad’s technique

6:06– The benefits of not utilizing basic anaesthesia throughout surgical cosmetic treatments like eye bag removal

6:20– Conclusion as well as Dr. Prasad’s suggestion

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